Monday, March 14, 2011

Amanda + John. A Proposal Story.

I feel like I have to preface this post by letting you know that my family is so near and dear to my heart. Yes, we are a large family. We are a crazy family. And sometimes we are a loud, dancing, singing family. And we are closer than most other families I know. So a few weeks ago, when my only big brother took me to see the ring he had picked out for his girlfriend, Amanda, I started flipping out a little bit. And when he texted me to see if I would photograph his proposal, I had to try not to cry. I am so grateful to be invited to such intimate times in the lives of the couples I photograph. And my big brother's proposal? That's even better.

I think my heart has finally stopped beating out of my chest enough that I can post these images.

John started planning a couple of weeks ago but was waiting for the perfect day to pop the question. He didn't want Amanda to suspect anything so he picked Sunday evening while they were relaxing at my parent's house. Now, this was a different proposal shoot than I'm used to! I usually wait in the designated location and the couple comes to me, but this time I had to sneak into the location while they were there! I was definitely freaking out just a little bit. I parked down the street and our dad left the house to "run some errands". He picked me up and, while I ducked in the back seat, parked at the perfect angle on the driveway.

John convinced Amanda to come outside with him on the premise of taking a four-wheeler ride. This is where I had to force myself to breathe evenly and just shoot. I promise you, I don't think my heart has ever beat as hard as it did last night when John came out the door!


The family had strung lights in the trees and turned them on right on time!


It didn't take long for John to drop to his knee...


I love how he's holding the ring here...



Amanda told us later that she couldn't believe what was happening! She was so speechless that John had to ask a few times before she could get her answer out :)







John saved the "sweet nothings" for after the ring while my parents blasted the Etta James song, "At Last", out the front door.



Seriously, so romantic.




I love that they just took their time and enjoyed the moment.




I love you guys and am so excited for you! Can't wait for the wedding :)




Anonymous said...

It's absolutely beautiful! Perfect. Thank you so much for capturing this.
I'm sorry you had to wait in the car so long. HaHa.

Kirk and Chrissie said...

Beautiful, beautiful!

The Brinkleys said...

That's awesome Alexa! And that is mine and Amy's song too! Love the simplicity of the pictures. Can't wait to have you shoot my newly expanded family!